OOTD: The MAX Amount of Floral Possible (video).

Today was honestly a rough day, commute wise.  Click the photo above to see my OOTD video!  I woke up already feeling in a blue mood because I woke up to pouring rain and thats never fun.  I contemplated rolling over and staying home for the entire day, but I immediately rationalized that it wouldn't work because guess what I had to do today?  WORK, LOL.  #joke.  

So to turn my mood around I did nothing other than take to my closet.  I had been thinking about what I was going to wear the night before without looking at the weather or my closet and came to the conclusion that I would wear the floral maxi-dress that I got from Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago, and thats what ended up happening.  I really like the dress, the pattern is adorable and the back is what I like the most.  The spaghetti straps and low back are so cute and they expose my back tattoo that is really small and on the top of my back (it doesn't normally get seen).  Sense I was wearing this to the office, I didn't want to wear it without a cardigan, so I just wore my plain black open cardigan from J. Crew that I think I got last year or something.

My watch is my rose gold Michael Kors and my shoes are jelly flats (!!!) from Steve Madden.  I 100% adore these shoes and I don't get to wear them very often.  They are not uncomfortable but they make the most obnoxious noise when you walk, even when you are walking correctly.  I don't really know how else to explain it.  I love them regardless.

What did you guys wear today?  It was pouring rain here at my house, to the point where my street was flooded and when I got into the office, there was no rain at all.  Everyone in the city was looking at me weird because I was wearing full on rain boots and there wasn't a drop of water there, oh well.  Let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet!  Thank you for reading.

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