OOTD 8/1: Green with envy (video).

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share with you guys what I was wearing yesterday.  I decided to go with a big patterned top with stars from Forever 21.  I recently purchased this top and it immediately caught my eye because it was conveniently placed in with the American Flag themed section and lets be honest, Brittany loves anything American themed and we all know this.  ANYWAY.. there's just something about the pattern that I love for summer and I can probably wear it into fall, too.  I can see myself pairing it with a longer cardigan and some leggings or something and nice cosy boots!

The skirt is darling.  I actually picked this up on an amazing deal from GAP about a week ago.  I think the price tag was a little under $7, no joke!  I love the Kelly green color, I think it's perfect for exactly this time of year.  The combination of the printed shirt with this cute skirt was perfect and it actually matched my mood that day.  Do you guys ever do that (match your clothes with your mood)?  

Last but not least, although you cannot see it in the snapshot of the photo from the video, I am wearing these adorable Candies shoes that I got at Kohls in the beginning of the summer.  I featured them in my Fourth of July lookbook and I think they are adorable.  What I will say about them though is that they aren't very comfortable to be wearing all day long.  I wore them for literally about 15 hours and I was so thrilled to be taking them off at the end of the day.  Even sitting, they weren't that comfortable for some reason.  They are so adorable and I LOVE the look, but eh, not that comfortable.

Well everyone, I hope you liked this quick little outfit of the day post and video.  Subscribe to my Youtube so that you can be sure to see all of the videos that I post.  I hope to be posting a lot more sit down videos talking about some products and outfits, trends and more this month so stay tuned for that!  Thank you for reading, watching and tweeting!

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