Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base is Perfection.

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned before that I have oily eyelids.  I don't know why this happens, but I guess it's just genetics or something.  Because of this, I always tend to have a problem getting my eyeshadows to stay all day and it really annoys me.  I love eyeshadows so much and I have a really small lid so normally I only put one color on and don't bother putting anything in the crease.  I just find that generally my makeup tends to look so much better with one crease due to exactly that: the size of my lid.

After trying a couple of different methods to try and get my shadows to stick, I heard Missglamorazzi talking about Nars' Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base.  I was a little reluctant just because I already tried so many other products that did absolutely nothing for me and I wasn't ready to spend money on something that I was pretty sure wouldn't work.  Sense Ingrid herself has oily eyelids though, I took the advice and I went and purchased the shadow base.

Now don't get me wrong, the price is pretty steep but once we get to the explaining, I will justify it for you.  Coming in at $24, I was not at all impressed with the price point but sense I had been thinking about buying it for so long, I just bit the bullet and cashed in at Sephora.

Now that I have probably been using the product for about a month, maybe a little bit less, I can tell you that it was 100% worth it.  Usually with products its better to use it for a couple of days maybe even a couple of weeks to know if you like it but with something like eyeshadow primer, you can usually tell after the first day.  I immediately noticed that at the end of the day my eyeshadow was STILL ON my lid.  I was astounded because everything I previously tried had never lasted that long.

I noticed that my shadow's life was extended so much and almost all of the color that I had applied in the morning, was there at night.  The vibrancy of the color was the same that it was in the beginning as well.  The strong bond of the base to the eyelid most definitely allowed the color to last longer and the quality of the eyeshadows to shine right through.

If you're having trouble with oily eyelids, definitely give this one a try.  Even if you don't have the same problem, this would probably work even better on you.  Trust me when I say that I've tried so many different types of eyeshadow bases and primers for the lids and this one definitely trumps them all.  Thank you for reading and make sure to check out my YouTube channel for some outfit of the days.    Also, leave a comment below or send me a tweet and let me know what eyeshadow base/primer you use to keep your shadows from budging.  Thank you for reading!

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