Manicure Monday: Metallic Mermaid.

We all know about the "Mermaid Trend" that has been gracing us with it's presence but to be honest with you, it's not much of a trend for me.  For my entire life, I've always loved The Little Mermaid and swimming more than anything.  If I could spend the rest of my life swimming the sea and singing, I most definitely would but being that I can't, I am going to have to just settle for nail polish that makes me feel like I'm doing it.  Whether you're a mermaid at heart or you just love a great green/blue polish, you would most definitely be interested in this color for sure.

This is three coats of the color which I found to be the best for application and final product.  I always tend to apply more than necessary though as you would know if you've read previous posts dealing with nails or Manicure Monday's.  

The color is Metallic Mermaid by Pixi (or number 023).  You can find Pixi at Target or their website,  I always see the Pixi section with tons of different beauty items stocked in Target.

The bottle is absolutely adorable to boot, there is just something so cute about a "boutique" look to a nail polish bottle.  What have you been wearing on your nails lately?  Send me a tweet or leave me a comment below and let me know!  Thanks for reading of course.

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