Current Candle Crave: Water Lily and Aloe.

I sometimes put the idea in my head that having too many candles is a bad thing.  Once I spend about 5 minutes thinking about that, I ask myself why I was thinking about it in the first place.  Having a million candles is just not enough.  I have really always wanted to write about the candles that I have loved on my blog, and I have before, but I think I want to make this a series.  With that being said, I am thrilled to have this candle be the first one.

This is Water Lily and Aloe and I purchased it from Target.  The scent reminds me of Autumn from Bath and Body works and aside from Eucalyptus Mint, Autumn is my favorite candle from Bath and Body Works.  The scent is very calm and relaxing and a little deeper/amber-infused.  The only thing I would say about the candle is that it does burn a little unevenly, but that doesn't really bother me.  I enjoy the scent of the candle so much on a rainy day, a hot sunny evening or a chilly night.

What kind of candles have you been burning lately?  I'm not sure if you are obsessed with them like I am, but I would love to know!  Send me a tweet or leave a comment below.

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