The week in photos.

Hey guys!  Sorry I have been absent on the blog lately, there have been a ton of things going on.  I love this blog with all of my heart so don't think I forgot about it at all.  To satisfy it right now, I would love to share with you some photos of my life in the past couple of weeks.  I hope maybe they can bring you some peace, laughs, happiness or relaxation.  Love you all and thanks for reading!  Send me a tweet and let me know how you have all been this week.

Beautiful sunset by a marina near my house.

Just commuting home on the train! :)  

Just coming out of Penn Station.

It's the mooooooost wonderful time of the year.  It's the hap, happiest season of allllll.  Watermelon.

This truck that was randomly rolling through town definitely made me a little happier on a gloomy day.

Got a package from Hautelook the other day.  (!!!!!)

Just me acting silly in this really soft shirt that I randomly got at Seven for all Mankind.

I was craving curls one day this week.

Someone tried signing onto my Facebook page in San Antonio, TX?  Has this ever happened to you?

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