Nail Detox Necessary!

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in nail art and what is most popular in the now, we tend to forget about whats best for our nails.  I know that sometimes I can definitely fall victim of this because I get obsessed and you all know how much I love nail art.  

I recently have decided to give my nails a little rest.  I didn't know how long the "nail detox" was going to last, but I said to myself that I would kind of do it until the nails looked significantly healthier and a little more even.  I should have taken a before and after picture, but this is a photo after about two weeks of not painting them at all. 

Every once in a while I will file them but I have not been putting ANY products on them at all.  This means no cuticle oils, no top/base coats, nothing.  The only thing I have been doing is filing them and of course using hand lotion.  

I have to say, it has worked wonders.  I wasn't sure how this was going to work because I never had heard anyone talk about doing it or anything.  What made me take the plunge to not paint my nails or treat them for a while is that it seems like common sense that if you leave them alone and let them breathe, they will slowly come back to life and look healthier and that is truly what I have found.

Now I know that I'm sure you can just as easily go to the salon and have a manicure done, but I decided to go the more natural and organic way and it is so much more rewarding.  Let me know if you have done this or plan on doing it at all.  Send me a tweet or let me know in the comments below!
Thanks for reading.

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