Mascara Madness, Round 2

I recently went to the drugstore to pick up a couple of things that I needed, ya know, the essentials.  I never pegged myself as an "obsessed with mascara" girl, but I have done two posts about how much I love mascara and I really haven't talked about any other type of make-up like this.  With that being said, lets get on with this post about two mascaras that I have recently been obsessed with.

First, I saw the Scandals Eyes by Rimmel Show Off mascara and I immediately put that in my cart.  I tend to like most of the Rimmel mascara with Sexy Curves being my absolute favorite.  What I love most about this mascara right off the bat is the brush.  The brush is quite a large, far brush with a ball on the end that allows you to reach the inner corners of the lashes.  I like this because I cannot stand using the entire mascara brush to try and inch my way into the inner corner, my makeup always ends up look wonky and messy.  I do enjoy this mascara a lot but the one downfall I would say that it has is it's inability to hold a curl.

Girls, hold onto your hats, Maybelline has done it again.  I absolutely love this mascara.  One thing you may notice straight away is the fact that there are two ends and two brushes.  The mascara has one side for your lower lashes and one for your top lashes.  This is absolutely wonderful and I have noticed that this formula volumizes your lashes and keeps them this way for the entire day.  The long-wearing factor of the formula is a huge plus for me because I don't tend to curl my lashes before I apply mascara and this absolutely holds a curl.

The lower lash brush is absolutely perfect.  The top lash brush is like a magically standard mascara wand, while the tiny little brush gets right into your lower lash line and coats every lash.  The formula really allows the eyes to look awake and open and makes for very easy application.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried these mascaras.  Send me a tweet and tell me if you would try them out after reading the review.  Thanks for reading!

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