The Rhinestone Army.

Today was a rainy day and I tried to balance that with the fact that I so desperately wanted it to just be sunny.  To accomplish this, I decided to go with my "Passion for Fashion" T-shirt from Old Navy.  My skirt is from H&M and can be seen featured in my most recent Spring Haul 2013 Part #2.  The shoes are from Target and they are from soooooo long ago but they are just adorable grey wedges.  The star of the show here though is my military-style jacket that can also be seen in the haul.  I absolutely love the little rhinestone detail on the shoulder and the rough and tumble texture of it.  I of course am wearing my MK 5606 watch which brings everything together and sporting this fab manicure from yesterday's post.

What do you guys wear when the weather is conflicting with what you really WANT it to be?  Send me a tweet and let me know or leave a comment below.  Thanks for reading!