Target Takes the Cake.

I have to say, the closer that summer gets and the warmer the weather gets outside, the happier I am.  I am sure you are feeling the same way I am.  So if this is true, you must be thinking about what you want to buy as far as swimsuits, clothes and accessories because I know I sure am.  Today, I am going to show you a couple of quick things that I found on the Target website that I hope to see and purchase in stores sometime soon.

I love one-piece bathing suits and two-piece tankinis.  I think there are so many different combinations out there that are so adorable and this one is super cute.  I love the color of this the most because I don't see it that often.  The scrunchy, ruffled style pulls everything in, making it very flattering.

As you all know, I have recently been obsessed with my Rebecca Minkoff Mac bag.  The one complaint that I do have about it though, is that on the shoulder portion,  my hair gets stuck in the silver studs on the top!  I never thought that something would be designed so poorly like that, I couldn't believe it!  With that being said, I am ready to start using a new bag because I can't have one that rips all my hair out.  I love the color of this one and I love that it is simple but bright yellow so it also makes a statement.  Also, who can be mad at $20?

Okay, so can we all just take one second and admire how beautiful this vest is.  As you all know, for some reason I have been obsessed with the military-style trend and I love my new jackets from H&M.  This would be the perfect addition to the wardrobe and my love for the style because its basically a vest version of the jacket.  I love the symmetry of the vest too, because it's edgy and I feel like it would look hot with a casual pair of distressed jeans!   With the weather getting warmer and nicer, this would be fabulous for styling some outfits.

I can't even begin to tell you how many beach bags that I have but this one is just adorable.  I can totally see myself bringing this with me in my basket on my beach cruiser while wearing a fedora and sipping a pina colada.  I love the colorblocking on this bag because orange is my favorite color and the darker summer hues are adorable.

What are you craving for summer?  Trust me, this isn't everything.  I just wanted to show you what I have been loving on the Target website.  Send me a tweet and let me know or leave a comment below.

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