Nip + Fab: Coconut Latte Body Butter.

For today I wanted to switch it up a bit and talk about something that I have been absolutely loving beauty-wise.  I know that body butters are normally for the colder seasons, but part of getting ready for the summer is making sure your skin is nice, smooth and hydrated because we all know we'll be seeing a whole lot more of it come hotter weather.

It's not very often that I use body butter, lotion even.  Most of the time I just use lotion to smell something good, tbh.  I really never had myself in a great routine of exfoliating and then moisturizing and I really regret doing that.  Now that I have seen the light, I have started applying a whole lot more lotion and mostly the body butter that I am going to be talking about.  Making sure you are hydrated and moisturized just makes you feel so much better. even healthier.

Alright, alright!  Let's get on with things.  Introducing to you all: Nip + Fab.  Now I have never even heard about this brand before and to be honest, I didn't know it was sold at Target.  Apparently, it is a London-based company and is carried generally in more places there.  When i go to Target though, I think its quite obvious that I keep my eye out in the beauty section and until this specific trip to Target, I had never seen the brand.  

What drew me in initially was the scent of the body butter that I ended up purchasing, it was Coconut Latte.  If you guys read my blog, you know that I love anything coconut.  I picked up the body butter, smelled it and instantly fell in love.  Without any thinking I put it in my basket and didn't look back.  I didn't think I was going to fall so in love with it, but I am totally okay with the fact that I did. 

As the container says, the body butter is a "dry skin fix" and it promises to "transport yourself to the tropical islands," and it does both of them.  OMG you guys, the scent is heaven.  It smells like sunscreen with the TINIEST bit of coffee in it.  I use the body butter every time I get out of the shower. I have sensitive skin, and I have noticed in the past that whenever I used Bath and Body Works lotions my skin would break out right away because the fragrances are usually way too heavy.  With Nip + Fab Coconut Latte, this NEVER happens.  

The body butter keeps my skin completely moisturized and it feels luxurious.  The scent and effect it has on your skin combined, are perfection.  I also wanted to mention that I literally use it ALL OVER my body as well, not just my legs.  The moisture factor is great with this because of the perfect thickness of the formula.

I hope you guys will try out Nip+Fab, I really do love them.  Get your hands on their body butter and check out the rest of the stuff they carry as well, maybe you can find something else you like.  I am looking forward to trying something else that they have in the near future and I hope my Target starts carrying more of their stuff!  

Nip + Fab can be found in Target, ULTA, Debenhams, Boots, Shoppers, Walgreens and Harvey Nichols and on their website.

Send me a tweet or let me know in a comment below what you like to use to stay moisturized.  What have you used in the past and what is the best?  Thank you for reading!

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