Manicure Three of May.

Oh my gosh you guys.  Today, I bring you the third manicure of May.  I am obsessed with this color.  I haven't really made any nail polish purchases in a really long time but when I saw this color I instantly feel in love with it right at the beauty supply store.  I think it is absolutely stunning on its own and it is extremely opaque on the first coat.  With that being said, I always apply a second coat but if you wanted to only do one you could definitely get away with it.  The color is called "In The Cab-Ana" by Essie.  It is gorgeous on its own and pretty cool with designs too, check out my creation for the day!

How have you been doing your nails so far this month?  Share with me and send me a tweet or leave a comment below!  Thanks so much for reading everyone!

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