Manicure One of May.

Guys!  It's May!  I cannot believe how fast the time is going and I am thrilled that summer is almost here.  The faster summer comes though, the faster it will go and it will be cold again -____-, ugh, so annoying!  I don't know why, but I was in the mood to have an American Flag on my nails today.  Seriously, this nail art design is extremely easy to make and carry out on your nail.  I must admit, it obviously will be a lot better if you chose to do the design on a larger nail, but can do it regardless.  

First paint the nails as seen in the photo, red on a couple and blue on a couple.  You can always switch this up and change the way they are painted.  After you have done this, let them dry for a little while.  Once they are dry, use the blue striper and create the section of the flag that you will put the stars.  Then, use the white striper to create the strips for the flag.  Once you are done with the white stripes, the blue section will be dry and you can put small white dots for the stars.  When everything is dry, I chose to put a coat of Carnival by Essie just for some added effect.  Voila!  You are done.

What have you guys been loving on your nails?  This just makes me happy for some reason.  Send me a tweet and let me know or leave something in the comments below!  Thanks for reading as always.

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