Manicure Four of May.

 Hey everyone!  Today I had originally planned to do something different from this but I figured I would save that for another time.  Today I bring you a blue ombre manicure.  I love doing this with a ton of different colors and you may have seen this on my Instagram before but it is just a cool effect.  In my opinion, this is the easiest way to experiment with the ombre trend and you can do it with any color.  Aside from the nail polish and manicure for the day, I wanted to share with you how delicious my lunch was, lol.  I don't know why I felt the need to include this but ugh, see for yourself!  So delicious! There is just something so amazing about the fruit that starts coming into season for spring/summer.  Watermelon and Honey Dew, uhhh.. Hello! :)

Here is a random photo of me and my mood of the day, lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed todays manicure and my random lunch of amazing fruit.  Send me a tweet and let me know what you are rocking on your nails today.  You could always share what you are having for lunch these days too.  Leave a comment if you would like.  Thanks for reading! :)

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