Ice Crackle.

I was never that obsessed with crackle polish but this I can get down with this!  I wanted to paint my nails a little bit more with "In the Cab-ana" by Essie because I can't rave enough about it, so I decided to try crackle on top of it.  This is Blue Crackle from OPI.  I have to say, I really was never that into crackle, especially when it came out, this is the only color I bought.  I can also probably tell you that the only reason I have this one is because I think it was on sale.  I still basically feel the same way about it, I really don't like it.  In the Cab-ana is fabulous though, ugh, just look at it! :)

Send me a tweet and let me know if there are any nail trends that you have absolutely hated before.  You can also leave a comment below.  Thank you so much for reading.

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