Fuzzy Coat Falls Flat.

Hey all.  Today I wanted to show you something that I am really not impressed with AT ALL.  I had seen Eva Chen post on her Insta a photo of Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat nail polish in a couple of colors.  When I saw them in her photo, I thought they were not going to come out for a while and I was going to have to wait; well I was wrong.  When I was in Target recently, I was walking through the cosmetics and I saw an end-cap that was originally FULL of the new polishes but there were only two bottles of one color left.  The color left was a blue/green/yellow combination that I think I would have oped for even if all of the colors were still available.  The color name: "Fuzz-Sea."  

With that being said, I decided to purchase the polish and I think it was between $4-$5.  I didn't really mind the price because I was thinking that I would probably like it, and it wasn't bad at all.  A while back, I had tried Ciate's Velvet Manicure and I fell in love.  The colors that I had for that textured manicure were very fall/winter so I figured if I liked that, let me try this spring alternative.  I was thinking that nothing would go wrong and I would probably like it because textured manicure's in the past, were something I enjoyed.  I was also looking forward to saving a couple of bucks on the price in the future if I wanted to end up repurchasing the Sally Hansen option.

Let me tell you guys, I don't like it.  "Fuzzy Coat" really failed me.  Now, the first thing I would say about it is that it is extremely goopy.  Now I know all 'top-coat' polishes that have glitter or some type of texture in it are normally goopy and much more dense, but this one was especially nasty for some reason.  I also didn't like the fact that the polish took absolutely FOREVER to dry.  I don't know about you guys, but I hate when polishes take a long time to dry.  I mean, I know you have to be patient when painting your nails (obviously), of all people I know this, but it was just horrible.  My last and final complaint about the polish is that you can really only feel the texture a little bit.  You would think that with a name like "fuzzy coat" you would think the texture would really stand out, it fell flat.  

Let me know in a tweet if you have tried this polish.  Also, you can leave a comment down below and let me know if you have tried any other brands or types of textured nail polish.  I think I will be sticking with Ciate for textured manicures from now on, unless of course you guys can suggest something else for me to try!  Thank you so much for reading.

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