Outfits of the past two days.

So I considered doing a "Fab Finds on Friday" post for today but I bought waaaaay too much stuff to have it all done correctly for today's post.  In place of that, I wanted to show you two outfits that I have been wearing for the past two days.  It has been cold here in NJ still even though spring is around the corner and that really grinds my gears, haha.  With that being said, I still decided that I was going to dress for the spring because I want to deny that the winter is still around (Minus the fact that I chose to wear a scarf for warmth here - the same one at that!).  Enjoy the outfits and leave some comments below letting me know what you think.

Here I am wearing a Forever 21 denim shirt over just a plain teal tank top.  I buttoned up the shirt to keep warm and then threw on the scarf right on top.  I rolled up the shirts sleeves because I just liked the look better and then after this photo I threw on my MK 5606 watch.  I love that thing!  The bottom half is just plain black leggings and my ADORABLE lace H&M sneakers (I will definitely be talking about these in another post).  I am also wearing a red headband that ties in with some color in the scarf.

Here I am wearing a black cardigan from Ann Taylor over a simple black baggy tank top from Cotton On.  The pants are from Target and the booties are from Charlotte Russe.  The scarf is from Heritage 1981.  This scarf is super adorable but it creates the worlds biggest amount of lint ever, especially on black clothing.  You cant see that well in the photo but I am wearing my hair back in a claw, magenta earrings to match the pants and of course my MK 5606 watch.  Loved this outfit!

Okay everyone, thats it for today.  Send me a tweet and let me know what you were wearing for the past two days.  You can also leave a comment letting me know!  Thank you for reading.