Organization nation: tips and tricks.

I have always been the person that works really well under pressure.  While this is true, that doesn't mean that I am terrible at managing my time, it is actually one of my best qualities (not meaning to toot my own horn).  While I was in college, I always spent my time doing some of my most important papers, articles, assignments and other school related projects at the absolute last minute because I knew that it would come out great at the last second.  It sounds like a contradiction, but if you manage/organize yourself well enough, you should be able to work wonders in your personal "life of organization."

Step one:

Set goals for yourself.  This is so cliche and a lot of this post may seem cliche, but it really is true.  Actually, Shay Carl (one of my favorite vloggers) always says that "some of the best things in life are hidden behind the word cliche," or something of the like, and I really believe it.  Setting goals for yourself is just a fancy way of saying that you're weeding out things that are not the most important to you.  Now me saying this might seem a little bold, but it's true.  Saying this also kind of defines what kind of goals you should set.  You can set familial, financial, social, relationship, career related or any other type of goal, sky is the limit here.  When you are done setting your goals, just like magic, it will help you realize what is so important in your life.  This will in turn help you become and stay a lot more organized. 

Step two:

To get started, I think it is really important to equip yourself with everything that you will need to succeed.  This is really important.  You don't want to have an excess of things that may make you feel cluttered and disorganized though, so only give yourself tools that you will 100% use on your quest to better organize.  Also, I have found that if you do give yourself more than you need, you can actually find yourself drowning in goals that you have set for yourself, making you feel like they are unattainable.  This is the last thing that we want.  I swear by my phone calendar and my dry erase calendar at home (it's humungous and helps SOOOO much that I can see everything so well).

Step three:

Plan, plan, plan.  After you have set the goals for yourself, plan them out.  Come up with a step by step contingency about how you will achieve these goals.  This plan is absolutely 100% specific to you and your lifestyle.  Some suggestions include making a chart for yourself or starting a journal about the hardships that you endure while trying to live a more organized life.  This can be so cathartic and freeing.  While planning, make sure that you budget in time for you to rest.  You don't want to make your quest for more organization difficult or grueling because if you do, theres a bigger chance that you wont follow through.  If you feel like working a little bit at a time and then a whole lot once your goals deadline becomes nearer is a good thing, do it!  The whole point in getting goals and making a plan is making it specific to you and your needs.

Step four:

Actually follow your plan.  Sometimes you may feel the plan needs an amendment, but don't do it!  Stay true to your original founding plan because if you change it now, you'll change and maybe danger your entire path to more organization.  The plan that you originally set for yourself was the plan that you thought would work the first time and it was the best way that YOU thought you would get things done, so leave it and stick with it.  Do not fix it if it's not broken!

Step five:

Reward yourself.  I talked about this previously but it is really important if you reward yourself and let yourself know that you are doing a great job,  A lot of times we look for validation from other people in our lives and that gets us nowhere.  So, if you come to the realization that you are doing a great job succeeding in your life and plan to become more organized, treat yourself to something (even if it is time spent recreating a DIY, going for a run, cleaning the house).  If you have a list of things that you always wanted or something that you have been thinking about a lot lately, go and get it.  Like I have also previously said though, don't break the bank!  Small investments to reward yourself are great but over-indulging can be detrimental and we don't want that!

Before you know it, you will see that you are climbing the ladder of success to ultimately becoming the more organized person that you want to be.  Take a deep breath and keep setting goals for yourself.  Come up with a plan and make sure that you leave time for yourself, and reward yourself.  Positive reinforcement is always a great thing, even if you have to create it for yourself.  Good luck to you all, I know you have it in you!  If you think a calendar will make you more organized, maybe check out my DIY Dry Erase Calendar (super fun, easy and inexpensive).  If you are stressed, read up on my ways to become less stressed out.  If you need an idea of how to make an inspiration board of things that you crave so that you can reward yourself when the time comes, check out my Think of it Thursday post!  Thanks for reading everyone.  Send me a tweet and let me know if there is anything I forgot, or anything you do to stay organized in the comments below or by sending me a tweet!

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