Long Day Travel Essentials (Interview Edition).

Recently I have been in and out of the city (NYC for anyone who isn't from where I live) going on interviews.  With that being said, there are a few things that I always like to have with me, some essentials.  Check out what I think you shouldn't leave the house without if you're traveling all day!  

The two above photos are showing you the bag that I carry around and a brief look at the contents.  As you can see, I use my Longchamp Travel bag that I am in love with (this is not a secret, I have talked about it before on my blog).

Something important in a bag that you should most definitely consider if you are traveling all day is one with a longer, over the shoulder or cross-body strap.  This is important because if you are carrying a ton in the bag, it can get to be too heavy to hold in the crook of your arm.  Also, having that extra strap is much more convenient when you're running all over the city and changing trains back and forth.

Here you can see that I have my portfolio and in that yellow folder, a couple of extra copies of my resume.  Part of the reason why I love the bag I use so much is because it carries my enormous portfolio.  You want to make sure that if you are traveling to an interview you have the most up to date articles that you've written, projects that you've worked on, or anything else that is important to landing you a job.  Always carry it around with you even if the person interviewing you says that you may not need it.  You never know when you'll get another call for an impromptu interview.  You will always be prepared this way.

Now in this ever so glamorous Target bag, I have my pair of heels.  I ALWAYS start the day with a pair of flats on for walking around, changing trains and walking in and out of places.  If you're like me, you can probably try and "champion out" and wear heels all day, but it's almost suicide trying to do that and quickly get where you need to be at the same time.  When you get home at the end of the day you'll have blisters and it is not worth it.  Always keep your heels in just a simple plastic bag for a quick elevator change on the way up to your interview in higher places! :)

Here I have my iPad and some earphones.  I like to keep my Nook with me as well.  Entertainment for the train ride is always good.  For me, it takes a while to get into the city so having a movie or a season of friends is always great.  If you like, put your iTunes library on there as well.  Aside from my Nook, I also have some books on here just incase the battery runs out.  Other than entertainment, I also bring my iPad because you never know when you might need it.  I often switch back and forth from my laptop to the iPad because I just never know when someone might ask me if I have the skill to operate an iPad or laptop.  This might be far-fetched, but you just never know!

On the top left, you can see I have a snack and something to drink.  I like to always keep an apple or some trail mix, maybe a Special K bar or something.  You are on the run when you're in and out of interviews, sometimes you don't have enough time to get something at an actual place.  I must admit though, the coconut water I have pictured I picked up at Starbucks, but I also have water bottles in my bag.  On the top right you can see my fantastic coconut lime hand sanitizer spray.  I couldn't live if I didn't have this with me at all times.  You touch a BAJILLION things during the day.  How can you eat that apple without that sanitizer!? 

The top left here are a couple of options for flats when running around.  I just have these awesome red velvet Vans, blue corduroy Toms and some cute bow flats from H&M.  Another suuuuuuper important thing that I have for my travel bag is this external battery for my iPhone.  This thing is ABSOLUTELY essential.  This gives your phone up to an extra charge and a half just incase it dies.  Always have this external battery in your bag for back-up because odds are that you will probably be using your phone, e-mail, gps, texting and more; therefore drowning your battery a lot quicker.  To have an extra battery with you is extremely important, I recommend this 7000%!

Other than this, there are the essentials: wallet with cash, debit card, business card and ID.  I recommend bringing cash and a debit card because when you're in the taxi, cash is almost always easier.  Although some cabs do have the ability to take debit cards now, cash is faster and if you're on an interview, you probably are in a rush!  That's another tip I would probably give, try and allow extra time for yourself.  Take an earlier train and get to where you need to be a little bit earlier.  This will most definitely put your mind at ease.  

Okay guys, thanks for reading!  As always, tweet me your essentials and let me know if you think there is anything I missed here.  Good luck on your interviews! ;)