Ways to relieve stress, motivate yourself and stay positive!

I have recently been doing a lot of thinking about a lot of things.  I know what you're thinking, oh boy... here she goes.  Go ahead and think that, but I know that some of these things are probably on your mind also.  I know that things can easily get stressful in anyones life, no matter where you are.  There are some things that are out of our control.  At times, we get this feeling that we can't take it anymore and that we want to give up.  Do you ever have this feeling?  Well today, I want to talk about some ways that you can briefly escape that feeling.  Sense I have been having those feelings lately, I figured I would let you know how I slip out of them and how I give myself some remedies for the blues.

Why do we tend to feel this way?

At least for me, I like to think that I can fix any problem.  I always tell myself that there is nothing that I cant handle and it's true, there isn't.  Sense in the past I have conquered everything that was thrown in my lap, I know that there isn't anything that I can't handle.  While this is valid, there are circumstances when things are out of your control.  There are mistakes that are not caused by you, but they impact you.  If this ever happens, its hard to, but you have to make sure you stop and constantly remind yourself that it isn't your fault.  If you know that you have done everything in your power to stop a mistake from happening and it happens anyway, then you should be content with yourself.  Do not let someone else's mistake, burden you... even if it impacts you.  I know this is hard to picture, but let me make it simple for you.  If it's not okay, its not the end because truly, everything is going to be okay in the end.  Take a deep breath and understand that you obviously took whatever control over the situation that was possible, and as long as you know in your heart that you gave it 100%, thats all that matters.

What are some temporary fixes?

Loving yourself is very important and I truly believe this in every way, shape and form.  Part of being able to effectively deal with problems in life and bumps in the road, is believing in the power of you.  This may sound cliche, but there are some things that can make you feel a little bit better about yourself on a daily basis; one of these things is setting goals for yourself.  By setting goals of any kind for yourself, you have something to look forward to.  Maintaining a positive attitude is possible in your life just got a little bit easier because knowing that you have a goal to accomplish, motivates you and brings you positivity daily.  If you don't think you can set a long term goal, that's fine.  Set a short term goal.  Daily goals are absolutely amazing, you can even set the goal to clean a room of your house daily or make sure you are eating at least three pieces of fruit daily, something of the like.  These goals are amazing and a morale booster for sure.  The best part about goals?  Seeing the results.  This will push you even further and encourage you to keep setting realistic goals that you can achieve.  

Pampering  yourself is another temporary fix.  Now when I say this, I don't mean "OMG!  Spa day with the girlssss!"  I know that it's not in the budget to go out and spend a ton of money on spoiling yourself, rightfully so.  With that being said, I truly believe that purchasing yourself something when you feel upset is a great idea.  This may sound a bit contradictory/controversial, but I am a 100% believer in retail therapy.  This isn't just because I love shopping, but its because introducing something new in your life gives you something to be excited about.  Set a budget for yourself and make it a small budget.  I am not saying that going out and buying expensive electronics, cars and jewelry is what you should do.  If there was a movie you wanted that came out on DVD recently, a new shirt you saw, a new set of towels for the bathroom or that new pair of headphones that you saw earlier in the week; go out and get one of them!  Let's face it, you absolutely deserve it and satisfying that craving is something that has a lot of potential to lead you in the right direction to becoming a more positive person.

Relax at home once in a while.  I am 23, I know that most kids my age are constantly out every single night hitting the clubs and bars at my home on the Jersey Shore.  Now normally I am not one to "party hardy," but I do go out every once in a while and yes, it is fun.  With that being said, staying home feels absolutely amazing.  When you are tired and feeling withdrawn from the day, there is nothing better than chilling at home.  If you like, take a bubble bath, light some candles.  I always have a candle going in my house and my favorite one for relaxation is Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Mint, absolutely phenomenal and calms your right down.  Snuggle up with a great book or a movie.  Turn on that heated blanket and have a cup of tea.  Make yourself that box of brownies that you've had in the cabinet, it's okay to have a "free day" on the weekend (or substitute it for a day that you need it during the week)!  Do an at home pedicure and repaint your nails, do your hair and makeup for no reason, dance and sing around the house, there are countless ways to let out the steam and calm yourself down.

I hope this helped with some ways to de-stress.  If you would like, I can talk more about de-stressing and making life a little bit easier.  It doesn't have to be that hard, guys.  If anyone knows about stress, it's me but the best thing to do is believe in the power of you and positive thinking because if you don't have yourself then who do you really have, right?  The only person you are ever going to have even when you're alone, is you, that's why you need to take care of yourself!  Send me a tweet and let me know what you think!

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