Things I keep on my desk and how I organize!

Hi everyone!  How are you all today?  I must admit that it has been a really rough week.  Today I thought it would be interesting to talk about things that i always keep on my desk or "My desk essentials."  I thought this would be interesting because it's something that I don't think i've seen online before and maybe insight on what I keep on my desk at all times, will help you maybe organize your own.  So with all of that said, let's get started!

So the first thing that I have on my desk at all times is this pen/pencil organizer.  Now I have been thinking about what kind of new one I wanted to get for a really long time, but I finally decided against it.  The best part about this organizer is that there are a couple of compartments to store and differentiate between pens/pencils/markers/highlighters.  If you separate each different writing utensil, it tends to keep you much more organized and able to find what you need when you need it.  This also eliminates stress.

The pen/pencil organizer.
Some of the compartments.

 Aside from the smaller compartments for the pens/pencils and other writing utensils, there are places and compartments for other things, including tape.  In these extra compartments, I have a couple of things like batteries, extra macbook cord converters, acco clips, stuff for Back to Mac and one free section that is currently not occupied just incase I think of anything that I can't live without.  Also, as I previously mentioned and you can see in the photo, there is a tape dispenser built in, which is absolutely wonderful, so helpful.  You can probably find something like this at any office supply store like Staples.  Also, I am sure, Target.

Moving on to other things that I always keep on my desk; a water bottle.  Now you may think that this is slightly stupid to mention but I think that you'll agree with me on why I do so.  When I am working at my desk, I tend to get on a roll and not want to stop.  I hate having to get up and go downstairs to get water or something to drink (I know #firstworldproblems).  I tend to really be a victim of the "If I'm in the zone, don't bother me" mentality.  It can really help if you are on the brink of an idea, to not have to get up to "wet your whistle" if you know what I mean.

Yumm, crisp water.
Gotta love it!

Another thing that I always keep on my desk is a candle.  Now I know candles aren't for everyone, but I couldn't imagine what my desk would be without one.  I absolutely love having a candle on my desk for a couple of reasons.  The first reason is because it looks so nice.  If you feel stressed out, busy, upset or anything else, it's nice to have something to look at that is full of light and is pretty.  It's true, it's really nice to just take a second and look at one simple thing that can instantly make you a little happier.  Secondly, I absolutely love the way candles smell.  Obviously if you pick yourself out a nice, amazing smelling candle, it will make the whole room so much more pleasant and it will just put you in a great mood.  My favorite candle of all time is "Sun & Sand" by Yankee Candle.  I am so in love.  Try and get yourself a candle that smells like something you love, just to make you extra happy.  This candle smells like the beach and sunscreen, absolute bliss.  I like candles from Bath and Body Works as well, those two are my favorite brands.

Artistically "Instagrammed" photo of my favorite candle.

Now as funny and a little wierd as this next thing will sound, I always keep a small bottle of Advil on my desk.  Whether I like to admit this or not, I sometimes get excruciatingly horrible migraines and thats when I take them.  When I get smaller headaches, I always take care of them naturally with tons of water but when I am working and have a migraine, Advil ALWAYS helps me and right away at that.
Advil that I only take in the rarest of cases.

Finally, the last thing I will mention that I keep on my desk is a lotion by St. Ives called Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract.  In the winter especially, I get such dry hands.  It is really nice to have something at your beck and call that can help you cure that remedy, even if it just a little bit.  It will keep you focused on your work and not complaining to yourself about how much your hands hurt.  Although I wanted this lotion to smell like coconut and it doesn't, I am not mad at the way that it smells, it's very pleasant.

St. Ives love it!
Coconut Milk and Orchid Extract.

So that it is for things that I keep on my desk.  There are of course things that I keep in a drawer near my desk that I don't like to keep out because there isn't that much room and if you want to know about that I can tell you.  I hope that some of these things and my reasoning behind them have helped you maybe organize your desk a little bit more.  Let me know in the comments or in a tweet how you organize your desk.  Thank you for reading.

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