Prabal Gurung for Target!

Okay everyone, I need you to please prepare yourself for how amazing this post is going to be.  The Prabal Gurung collection for Target came out in stores today and I was absolutely thrilled.  I went online to see what they were offering and instantly wanted like, 90% of the stuff.  I was off today so I literally ran to my Target and oogled over everything.  I instantly loved all of the clothes but the first two things that caught my eye were two pairs of shoes.

The first pair was the Pointy-Toe Pump Nolita Print.  These are absolutely stunning.  Not only is the color and print amazing on these but the shape is perfection.  When you think about a heel, this is exactly what you think of.  I absolutely love the 4" heel and walking in it (as I have done minimally so far) is an absolute dream.  

The second pair I unfortunately was unable to get but I will be ordering them online immediately.  There was just something about the Lace-up Pump Meet the Parents Print that I was lusting over.  Normally I don't prefer something like this but that was the reason why I was head over heals for it (see what I did there?).  The lace-up detail is darling and the floral print on the heel section is so cute.  These shoes are amazingly comfortable, it's scary.  When I tried them on in the store (a size too small) they were even comfortable.  The look is something so much different than I normally go for but I am dying for these.

The best thing about these shoes is that they were $39.99 each.  This is so affordable for a high end designers collection.  Now you may be saying that, "Brittany, duh its in Target it has to be affordable" but actually the Neiman Marcus collection was terribly overpriced.  I know some of the designers were huge, but regardless.

That's all I have for you guys today.  I was so excited to be able to pick up the one pair of shoes from the collection and I can't wait to get the others online.  When they come in I will have to share them with you!  I also think I might go back and buy one of the dresses from the collection as well, not sure which one yet.  Do you guys want to buy anything from the collection?  Did you already?  Do you like it?  Leave a discussion in the comments!  You can also send me a tweet.  Thank you for reading!

PS-  I'm going to be a bit sneaky here and post this adorable little video that I made on my day off today.  Do you guys like Ed Sheeran?  I absolutely love him and made my own little stop motion music video to "Gold Rush."  Tweet it to Ed if you want.  Check it out and enjoy!

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