How to strengthen dry, dead hair!

Hi everyone!  How are you all today?  I have been waiting forever to post this and I don't know why but I want to talk to you all about how I nursed my hair back to health.  

The reason for this, is because my hair has been through a whole lot.  I never used to be the person that wanted to dye her hair but I got the strongest urge to do so when I was graduating from high school, so when i was 18.  At that time, I just wanted something about me to change, I was tired of being the same old me.  With that thought, I dyed my hair a little bit lighter (from my dirty blonde color) and it ended up looking strawberry blonde.  I didn't really like it so I dyed it lighter and pretty soon it was almost bleach blonde.  I loved it this way for a while but it got so difficult to maintain.  

A couple of years later I got tired of dying my hair so much and decided not to keep dying it and here I am today with a natural ombre.  I really love it, to be honest.  I like the way my hair looks right now but because of it being dyed so many times, it is very distressed and limp.  I also used to not take very care of my hair over the summers.  I just went in the ocean and never put conditioner in.  THIS IS VERY BAD.  

My #1 tip to you is if you are an avid swimmer like me (I swim in the ocean every day in the summer) make sure you use some leave-in conditioner when you come out.  If you swim a couple of times per day (like I do), just use a very little bit each time you come out of the water.  I use the Aveeno Leave-In Conditioner.  I love this because its pretty affordable from Target and it really keeps my hair extremely soft and detangled.  When my hair finally dries, you can tell that the Aveeno DS really worked because it dries amazingly soft unlike other DS's that satisfy the hair while it's wet but don't last until its dry.

Tip #2 to you is to invest in Moroccan Oil.  Now I know what you're thinking, it's expensive.  While this is true it is SO INCREDIBLY WORTH IT.  Can you tell by the caps?  Also, you may spend a lot of money on one bottle but it will last you a year, if not more.  It is definitely worth the investment.  I got my Moroccan Oil from the local beauty supply store at $42 for 3.4 oz, it's phenomenal.  Oils can be dangerous in the hair but if you just use one or two pumps of the oil and apply it to the ends and a little bit further up (make believe you are forming your hair into a ponytail and apply the oil from there down), the hair will be left feeling treated, soft and stronger.  Be careful not to put the oil on the top of your head or anywhere near your scalp, this will make your hair look and feel incredibly oily even when it dries.  There are antioxidants in the oil that literally make your hair feel like it is fortifying, strengthening and growing.  I never believed it when I read it online, but this is a miracle product and one I can't live without.

Now while leave-in conditioners and treatments from oil are great, they aren't for everyone.  With this being said, you absolutely cannot beat a great shampoo and conditioner.  Don't get me wrong, there are amazing high-end S&C's but I truly believe that the drugstore is where its at for amazing options.  Recently I wrote a post about a phenomenal shampoo and conditioner from Herbal Essence with honey in it and I do love that, but this one I love even more.  

Low and behold the Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo and Conditioner.  This system is absolutely amazing and the only reason why I picked it up from Target was because I was running out of the Herbal Essence and they didn't have it, it was on sale at the time also!  Caffeine, biotin and fruit vitamins are to thank because they are all inside of this variety of Garnier Fructis.  Now the shampoo and conditioner are suppose to stop hair from falling out of your head but I believe it does a lot more than that.  After using it for two weeks I have noticeably softer, stronger and shinier hair.  I notice also that my hair feels thicker.  Now normally I have always had thick hair but when i recently changed my diet and started eating a lot healthier I was loosing some hair and this shampoo and conditioner came to my rescue.  The formulation is phenomenal and you only need a small little bit.  I picked it up from Target for $2.50 for the shampoo and $2.50 for the conditioner!  You are basically stealing it (which I don't recommend you actually do)!

Tip #3 is to make sure that you are drinking water.  This helps not only your body stay hydrated but your hair to stay hydrated as well.  Water only does the body good!

Tip #4 is to take a hair, skin, nail vitamin!  I love these from Nature's Bounty and think they are pretty inexpensive, I picked mine up from Costco.  I have noticed that my dead ends are less plentiful and my hairs strength generally is consistant rather than feeling dead and limp one day and strong the next.

A lot of people used to tell me that you need to be getting hair cuts regularly to make sure that your hair stays as healthy as possible.  I don't really agree with this.  The reason I don't believe this is because your hair grows from your scalp, not your dead ends.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  I literally swear by all of these products and absolutely love them.  I would recommend them to any hair type to revive your broken hair.  My hair was in absolutely horrible shape and now it looks better than it ever did before, all thanks to products like these.  Do you guys have hair products that you can't live without?  Share them with me in the comments or send me a tweet!  Thanks for reading.

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