Fab finds Friday!

Hi everyone!  Taking a bit of a break from the massive overload of DIY's that I have been posting lately to bring you "Fab Finds Friday."  I figured thats fun and I wanted to show and tell some of the amazing things I found while shopping today.

First, I wanted to go to the mall so bad because I feel like it's been a century since I have been to the mall that I normally go to.  I have caught myself at places like Target, Old Navy and other things near my house that don't require the mall recently, I don't know why.  I'm not complaining and neither is my wallet.  For my birthday in January, my dad got me a gift card to H&M which was absolutely amazing!  I used some of the gift card in January when they had a big sale and I was looking forward to using it again.

I had my brother in tow because he wanted to get a few things, so that was almost like an added stress because he needs validation on every single outfit that he picks out, but I am not complaining.  Love him!  So the first place we went ended up being H&M.  I saw that they were having another sale where they had tons of things out priced between $10 and $30.  There were dresses, tops, pants, blazers and a ton of other things.  As I was glancing at stuff and rummaging through the racks, I wasn't really impressed with what they had on sale so I started to move on.  Sometimes I feel like H&M is a zoo or something.  There is so much great stuff everywhere, but you can't seem to stay focused because you are always distracted.  

After not being amused at the stuff in the sale section, I moved on and saw that all of their spring stuff is out and I was loving it.  There were great sweaters for $10 that felt really nice and they were adorable colors.  I didn't want to get myself another sweater though because I have so many of them that I already picked up from Old Navy and Forever 21 when I was shopping in the fall.  I quickly gravitated over to this amazing oxblood colored dress with a peter pan collar.  Holy cannoli, I am in LOVE.  The dress is absolutely amazing and there are so many things that I love about it.  

First of all, there is a peter pan collar (!!!).  Not only this, but high-lo hemlines are my weakness.  While this is true, I haven't found anything that I have been dying to own, until this dress.  I love the color, the collar and the hemline.  Also, check out the back!  I love that the collar doesn't just stop in the front like some dresses do.  This one goes all the way to the back of the neck and then fastens with a button and  a little mini slit so that the back is exposed just a litttttle bit!  If you want to wear a normal bra with this, just stick a bandeau on underneath and you are good to go.  I absolutely love it, it's perfection.  
Another great thing about this is the price tag: $24.95. 

My second amazing H&M find was a blazer.  Now anyone that really knows my style, knows that I LOVE blazers.  I have written about them on here before, but I just love the sleek look, the relaxed look and the professional look of a blazer.  I have a couple of them but I have recently been looking for a black one that is worthy of entering my collection.  Welcome to my life black divided blazer from H&M, I have finally found you!  Like you can see in the photo, there is nothing special about this blazer but it's just perfect.  The fit is a little boxy, but that is what I was looking for.  The reason I like this style and prefer it is because its professional and comfortable without sacrificing one or the other.  Amazing, amazing, amazing price tag on this of $15!  As you can see on the tag that I also have pictured, that is down from $24.95, AHHH!

My third finds at the mall was at Bath and Body Works.  Now I absolutely love this store and it's a store that I can't leave the mall without going to, if that makes any sense at all.  The candles are 2/$22 right now and that makes me soooooo happy.  The sale used to be 2/$20 but it hasn't been that way in a really long time, and I don't know if they'll end up bringing that price back.  With all that being said, I actually ended up not picking up my candles today, I plan on going and getting them tomorrow.  While I was in the store, I picked up these amazing Scentportables.  I LOVE these things, they are so adorable.  I remember when Bath and Body Works first launched them there were a couple of different shapes and they were a fun accessory to have in your car.  Now, they have a ton of different colors, shapes, animals, decorative things and more!  I got the scents pictured above for mine (which is currently a flamingo, my favorite animal ever!).  Usually the deal is buy three and get one free; today's deal was buy four and get two free, how can you pass that up?  The discs are $3 each!

My final stop of the evening was Target and it was here where I picked up a couple of things worth mentioning in this little haul of mine.  First of all, I needed two new toothbrushes!  One of course for my teeth, and one for my lips.  I hope I'm not the only weirdo that exfoliates by brushing her lips, but not with the same toothbrush I use for my teeth!  Secondly, I picked up more Crystal Light Liqud.  Now I know these things obviously aren't the best for you but they are a great way to add a little flavor to your water and spice it up a little.  The Dasani Drops are great too as you can see (I couldn't even wait to take photos, I had to open two of them!).  Finally, I got my absolute favorite trail mix, "A Handful of Everything," it has all of the amazing flavors listed on the packaging and is under 200 calories.  I like this for dessert on the weekend sometimes!

I hope you all enjoyed this little haul or Fabulous Finds Friday! :)  Is there anything you think I MUST try?  Have you guys just purchased anything interesting?  Send me a tweet and let me know!  Thank you for reading.


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