5 Outfits For The Work Week!

It's really easy to get carried away when you wake in the morning.  Thinking about all of the things you need to get done is just enough to drive you insane before you leave your bed and your feet hit the floor.  You race downstairs and you turn on the coffee (if you still aren't with the times and don't have a Keurig yet), you make sure all your ducks are in a row and then you start getting ready.  There is your skincare routine, your hair, your makeup and of course your outfit.

These outfits are a couple of simple ways that you can turn your drab feelings, into fab feelings in the morning.  Don't worry about freaking out and keep these simple ideas in the back of your head for when you're feeling over the top stressed and like theres nothing you can do.  You will end up walking out of the house with your head held high, looking professional and confident.

Outfit #1

This first outfit is amazingly cute.  I love this dress that I got from Forever 21.  The dress has adorable lace detailing on the wrists and the back (which is not pictured because we are trying to keep this as professional as possible) and pleats in the front.  I layered a black blazer over the top of the dress to cover the lace detail in the back and for a more polished look.  I cuffed the sleeves of the blazer to show the lace on the wrists because I love this detail and its acceptable at the office!  I have my Michael Kors gold watch on and my Forever 21 hair band that I just never took off but absolutely love.  Now I must admit, the shoes I have pictured (My Prabal Gurung's) may not be incredibly professional for the office but I absolutely love the pop of color amongst the black.  If you don't think you'll be rocking this in the office, try a classic  black heel with just the right amount of height.  A great thing about this outfit is that you can ditch the blazer and take it from day to night in two seconds!  If you'd like me to style it on the blog for night, let me know.

Outfit #2

This second outfit is great, its a lot of fun and professional at the same time.  I love the tweed skirt so much, it's from H&M.  The top is from Forever 2, a simple sheer black top that you can just layer a black tank top underneath.  If you must, you can always put a blazer on with this, but it really doesn't need it.  The single pleat in the front of the skirt is super cute.  The shoes are neutral sense we have so much color in the skirt.  I like that the nude shoes (from Aldo) make the legs look a little longer and don't take the attention away from the outfit.  If you wanted to, you could always opt for the classic black heel at an appropriate height for the office.

Outfit #3

For this outfit I decided to give two different options.  The skirt is absolutely perfect for spring with a blue floral pattern, it's from H&M.  The peplum top is a cream color from Forever 21 and the blazer on the left is a blush color that pairs great with the skirt's lighter colors, while the blazer on the right is just plain black.  There is just something about these shoes that I love with the outfit.  For some reason I am obsessed with the brown and blue combination and for some OTHER reason I love the brown shoes with the black blazer, this is normally a no-no for me and generally for anyone.  The shoes are from Aldo, they are so incredibly comfortable, perfect for the entire day at work.  

Outfit #4

This outfit is great.  I love the mixture of the bold pattern in the blouse and the peplum style in the skirt.  The top is from Forever 21 and has a great blue floral pattern with subtle button details.  The peplum pencil skirt is from Forever 21 as well.  The gray and blue go excellent together and the gray in the skirt brings out a small amount of gray in the top.  The shoes are the brown heels from Aldo.  This seems to me like a great outfit to wear on a Friday for some reason! ;)

Outfit #5

This outfit is adorable and seemingly more fitting for the spring/summer.  The white lace dress I have on is from Francesca's.  This is a great piece for layering, just as I do here.  Over the dress I have a black blazer and on the bottom, my most amazing pair of heels I will ever own, ORANGE HEELS,  Ugh, can we all just take a second to adore them..... Okay.  I love this outfit because it is super playful and fun at the same time.  Take this look from day tonight also by ditching the blazer and heading out!  I love this look.  The blazer is from H&M and the shoes are from Aldo.

I hope you all loved these five outfits that are professional and fun at the same time.  I wanted to also show how versatile some of the pieces in your closet can be.  There is no need to have a billion different black blazers and a million different pairs of heels.  As you can im sure realize by now, I don't have my black heels pictured.  I wore them the other day and couldn't find them, great.  Haha!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Am I forgetting something that is essential to your professional work outfits?  Granted, there are other more simple things that I often wear but these outfits were styled to show you how you can stop being so bored during the work week.  Hope you enjoyed!  Send me a tweet and let me know what you think or leave a comment below!

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