Shopping tomorrow (yay), DIY projects, and another day of housewives.

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a great day today, mine was not bad at all.  I can't wait till tomorrow of course because as you know, im shopping with my aunt up north.  Garden State Plaza, here I come!

So today I kind of bummed around the house all day and watched Desperate Housewives.  I cleaned my room and the bathroom because they both really needed it.  Although this got done, I must admit that he cleaning came out of impulse.  I got up and just randomly started cleaning things, don't even ask.  After I was done cleaning things out of the blue, I went to pick up the cork board that I wanted to add to my DIY project that I was making.  I will insert a picture right below this text.

I made this because I couldnt find anything to fit all of my stuff.  So far, its looking really cool but I want to add something right below the cork that will hold watches and bracelets because I want somewhere for them to go as well.  I don't know how well its going to fit or anything, but we will see.  I will do another post on this once it is all done but so far I am happy with the way it has come out.  It was very easy to design, my dad helped me put it together but it was very easy to do, and it was so inexpensive!  Also, in the photo that I inserted, it is sitting on my dresser but my dad had the great idea of putting a wire on the back so it can be hung on the wall.  I love this idea and will probably do so once it is completely done.  I want to see how the bracelet holder portion will look.  I also think I want to decorate it a little bit more.  I think there will be some glitter.  

I love this whole DIY process, I love making things mine! Also, doing things like this is so therapeutic.  Once in a while its really nice to create something on your own.  Not only is it cool because its a sense of accomplishment, but it's time for yourself.  The relaxing aspect of a DIY is rewarding and necessary every once in a while.

Like normal, i wanted to share my outfit for the day and my manicure of the day as well, so check them out:

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