Rest In Peace, Steve.

Hi everyone.  Today is not going to be the normally scheduled post (the second installment of my DIY series) that I had intended to post.

Something happened today that I am not very happy about at all, it was a very difficult day.  A friend of mine, Steve Jackson passed away in a terrible car accident.  I spent the day at work with all of my friends and we grieved as much as we could together.  I stood there and shook the entire day, I held my friends hands while they cried.  We talked about memories of Steve and shared stories that we had about him to make each other feel better.  

I just cant stress enough how important it is to make sure that everyone is safe while driving.  Steve's accident was incredibly scary and caused by icy roads and other drivers involved, but that doesn't mean we all shouldn't be driving as safe as we possibly can.  

Rest in Peace, Steve.  We all love you forever.

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