Commencement program.

First of all, I went to Monmouth University which is a college in West Long Branch, NJ.  I have grown up knowing I wanted to be a journalism student, seriously I knew that it was going to be my field of study since I was about six years old.  It takes a lot to know something like that so young.  I had a fascination of news and media all of my life and I wanted to be part of it.  I loved politics, fashion, and everything that was current.  When I was in middle school, I became an integral part of my schools morning announcements and did the same as I went into high school.  While in high school, not only did I floor manage, direct and star in my HS's announcements, I wrote for the school newspaper and was one of the editors for it.  I was so happy to finally be able to do something that I knew that I loved since I was so young.

This is what I planned for under my gown.
It was high school that gave me an opportunity to write an article for the Asbury Park Press which was a dream of mine because my parents used to get the APP when I was a kid!  I always wanted to work there so to have an article written in their paper as a high school student I was just overjoyed.  When I began looking at colleges, I knew what major I wanted to be so that was decided upon early.  The choice of which college to go to was also very simple: Monmouth University.  I had known people that went there and I knew that it was my dream school.  When I first visited it in 2007 I instantly fell in 100% love with it and I knew that it was the place for me.  There was one thing holding me back: it was so expensive!  I was very smart (not to toot my own horn or anything), but I knew that scholarship money I was awarded wouldn't cover it all!  I ended up going to the local community college when I graduated from high school for free because I was an NJ Stars student.  Although I wanted to go directly to Monmouth, I knew that going to community college first was an excellent idea cost wise, I was going for free!  After my community college, I transferred to Kean University because my NJ Stars scholarship only went to public secondary education (Monmouth was private).  I was really upset that I didn't get a chance to go to MU but I was so thankful to have the undying support of my father that I was grateful just to have an education at this point.

The seating arrangement.
My time at Kean University was valuable.  I met many people and have friends that I still know from there, I received a great friend from it and I would not trade the experience for the world.  I commuted there from an hour and twenty minutes south for three semesters, definitely interesting but it was more of a real world experience.  I got to know what it would be like as a working person.  (I can post more about this and my previous experiences, I actually plan to).  After going here for three semesters, I started hearing rumors about the schools accreditation being in jeopardy and I didn't want to be involved in that at all.  I started thinking about what I was going to do and decided that I was going to ask my father if I could reapply to Monmouth (when I applied the first time, I got in!).  Thrilled that he said yes, I applied and got in with a scholarship and I was on my way to Monmouth once again.  I couldn't believe my dream was on its way to me.

Incredibly happy with my cap and gown on!
Before I knew it, orientation was here and I was starting classes and ti all lead me to this day, January 18, 2013.  Graduation was a dream.  No lie, the day and everything that came with it was an out of body experience.  Walking into the MAC I felt this overwhelming sense of joy, pride, excellence, leadership, accomplishment and any other feeling that you could, all at one time.  I scanned the crowd for my dad and brother and found them in an instant.  Next to them were my aunt, uncle and cousin and I was infinitely happy in that moment.  My eyes filled with tears but I didn't let anyone know.  I just thought about how amazing this accomplishment was and how much fun I was going to have with my family when it was over and I was happy again.  I sat through the ceremony and listened to the speakers.  The commencement speaker of honor was a filmmaker, one that worked on The Hunger Games.  I must say that yesterday, "the odds were ever in my favor."  After he spoke, the president of my university spoke about how our school was used to house people that were displaced during Hurricane Sandy, and before you know it, I was walking across the stage in my amazing Aldo heels and Forever 21 dress (under the cap and gown of course) and receiving the most expensive piece of paper that I have ever received!  I am so happy to finally have in my possession a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. (I can and will talk more about the graduation ceremony and experience).

Let me hear from you!  Have you graduated college yet?  What is your degree in?  Have you graduated high school?  Thats awesome, too!  Send me a tweet and let me know!  
Xoxo- Brit.

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