Does dry shampoo really work?

Hi everyone and happy Friday!  I am so happy that it's the end of the week but at the same time, I want it to be Monday again so that my job hunting for my new job can continue!  Anyway, let's get cracking for today.  Now I know that not everyone really cares that much about something like this, but I want to talk to you about dry shampoo.

Lush, "No Drought" Dry Shampoo.

For me, I never really thought about dry shampoo because I never went a day without washing my hair.  After all the of the reading that I did about how it is not good to wash your hair everyday, I still washed my hair everyday and completely ignored everything that I read.  With that being said, about a year ago I drastically changed my diet.  I began eating extremely clean and exercising, drinking more and more water (not that I didn't drink so much normally, just saying).  While you can imagine that my body was changing from my diet being changed, I really also noticed a change in my hair, skin and nails.

While my nails were getting stronger and my skin clearer, my hair just seemed like it was getting a little bit thinner but at the same time it was becoming stronger.  The process that my hair was going through was so strange but i realized that it was getting a little bit worse, before it was getting better.  To accommodate this change, I began to skip washing my hair every other day.  While this was really wierd to me, I knew that there was a slight possibility that it may help me and it really did.

With skipping every other day came the obvious problem of oily hair.  I absolutely hate when my hair gets oily but it never really did because I washed it every single day and never gave it a chance to.  Now that I was skipping a day, it started happening more often.  With that thought, I decided to actually try a dry shampoo.  Now I distinctly remember one of my friends talking about a dry shampoo that she had picked up from the drugstore and said she loved so I resorted to trying that one.  I found that it didn't really help me.  I looked it up online and found that it was extremely hyped up and I was wondering why.  The Tresemme dry shampoo she was using was just not working for me at all.  I tried a second one from Suave and I hated that one too.

Online I was looking around for other ones that might work and I came across one that Lush sells.  A little pricey, I was concerned but it wasn't terrible.  After a while I found myself using it more and more and it really grew on me.  After looking up on youtube the proper way to actually put it in your hair thinking I was doing it wrong, I realized that it wasn't me.  The Lush dry shampoo is an actual powder as opposed to the others from the drugstore that are in an aerosol can.

What I like about the Lush dry shampoo that is conveniently called "No Drought," is that it is buildable like any good make-up.  When you put it in your hair, because it's a powder, you can really rub it in and see that its rubbed in before you chose to put more in your hair that you may not need.  I found that it was way easier to work with more so than the aerosol cans because of this.  I have blonde hair so blending the powder into my hair is a lot easier than it would be on a brunette.  While I do say this, I must also say my hair is ombre styled so the roots are a little darker and I still have no problem.

Overall, I love the texture of No Drought.  I love that I can put it in my hair and actually feel that it is taking effect.  With the aerosol cans I wasn't able to do that.  I also enjoy the smell of it.  The cans seemed like they smelled more of a "fake" product than the powder.  The citrus scent is great because its not overpowering and once you put the product into your hair you aren't left smelling it forever and a day like you are with aerosol cans of dry shampoo.

Check out Lush dry shampoo, "No Drought" at Lush stores or on the website.  That is all I have for you guys for today, I hope you enjoyed it.  Do you use dry shampoo?  Which one do you use?  Which one should I try?  Leave me some suggestions of what to try in the comments or tell me your review.  You can also send me a tweet and let me know what you think.

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