DIY Nail Polish Rack/Storage!

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all having a great day and weekend and are excited for this first installment of my DIY series.  I hope you will find some interesting things here and try to create them on your own.  The first thing I want to tell you all about is my oldest DIY project, my nail polish organizer which is quick, really easy, and super inexpensive.  Read on and enjoy!

Up against the wall, the two nail polish racks.

The reason why I made my own is because I was tired of searching for something online and in stores that would hold all of the nail polishes that I have (and that is a ton).  I am not joking, as you can tell in the photo it really was not easy to try and find something that would work for me.  Another reason for wanting to create my own nail polish holder is that everything I was seeing in stores and online didn't have a set-up that would display them so that I could see them.  The reason why I wanted to be able to see them is because I have so many and love them all.  I wanted to make sure that I could see them all, at all times.  Maybe I am way too obsessed, I just call it in love.

My first nail polish rack.

The first thing you are going to need is a 2ftx2ft flat piece of wood, this will make the back (and base) for the entire nail polish rack/holder.  You can definitely get a smaller size if you think you don't need this much room/space, or you can get a bigger one!  After you get the back of the holder, you are going to need smaller pieces of wood to make the shelves.  I picked up as 1inx3in that was about 6ft.  By doing this, you can have the people at Home Depot cut it into 2ft sections to use as the shelves.  You can find these at your Home Depot and can get someone to help you if you need it.  Sorry for this sidebar but I just wanted you all to know if you have never been in a Home Depot alone as a girl, you're in for a really interesting experience.  Every single time I go in here, 5,000 people ask me if I need help.  

As far as building materials, the only other things you are going to need are small nails, a hammer, a pencil to draw on your measuring marks, and a ruler/measuring tape.  

Showing you how to read the measurements.

Once you have everything that you are going to need it's time to start measuring things out.  My tip to you for doing this is to get one of each different kind of nail polish that you own.  When you are laying them down on the back piece of wood you want to make sure that the shelves are spaced out enough so that you can easily take on and off the nail polishes from the shelves.  Once you figure out where you want the shelves to be, mark this with the pencil.  Another tip is that you should always make sure that you space out all of your shelves, measure them, pencil them in, and then you can put them in place by nailing them to the backboard.  My father always said, "Measure twice, cut once..."

The second nail polish rack.

Basically, you are done!  All you need to do now is set your nail polishes on the shelves.  One of the only things that I would do different is add sides to this.  Right now I have my nail polishes displayed on the shelves without sides and it is perfectly fine, but adding them would just ensure that they are locked in a little bit better.  If you are going to do this, make sure you measure to add them in before you do the shelves that hold the polish.

If you need help cutting the wood, they should be able to do it for you at your Home Depot, that's what I ended up doing.  Big props to my dad for helping me out and putting it together.  With my design and my dads assistance a wonderful nail polish rack was made!  I told you this was super simple, I absolutely love it.  The best thing about this is that you can either attach another one to it on the side, or make another one.  As you can see, I made another one and they are both permanent fixtures to my room.  Another thing about these nail displays is that they look great and quite modern in your room.  The design with wood adds a little "homey-ness," it's really interesting and something new.

Leaning against the wall.

Another great thing about the design is that the shelves are a little bit bigger than the nail polish, I designed them this way.  The reason for this is that I figured there would be space for nail files and in some cases, a second row of nail polish that is not as big as other polishes.  The fact that you are able to see all of your polishes when trying to make a decision of which you'll use is great functionality.  As you can see, my polish rack is sitting on my desk, out of the way.  In another photo, you can also see that they lean against the wall or can be pushed up against the wall.  I love how elegant and modern-ish, you can put them anywhere.  Very cool!

If you guys try this, please tweet me a picture and show me.  I would love to see everyone recreate this DIY.  I also hope that you guys enjoyed the first installment of my mini DIY series.  Tune in tomorrow for the next post dealing with organization.  Thank you for reading.


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