Where I have been, Christmas and Desperate Housewives.

Everyone!  Hello!  I am so excited to be writing here again.  I kind of knew that it wasn't going to be long before I stopped writing because of school.  Everything was so intense this semester and a lot more work than I thought it was going to be.  I cannot believe that it is over, but I am done with all of my undergraduate coursework!  It is insane to believe but I have earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism!  How insane is that?!  Ahhhhh!  Well this is provided that all of my grades are passing, but duh! ;)  I worked so hard this semester that I just cannot wait to have these next couple of days off.  With that being said, I also can't believe that I have nothing to be doing for the next couple of days.  I cant believe that I have nothing due or no deadlines right now.

I had such an amazing Christmas (yesterday).  I really am so thankful for everyone that I have in my life.  My dad is phenomenal and truly my hero.  I am so excited to be able to say that I got a new laptop!  I am very happy so also say that I got a brand new Michael Kors watch to add to my collection.  Thank you, Dad!  I also got some amazing candles which my dad knows that I love and a perfume, Viva La Juicy, that he also knows that I wanted.  Everything is beautiful and I am so excited!  I will post pictures of everything maybe tomorrow or something.

For dinner and festivities, we went to my "aunt and uncles" house.  They are amazing.  I guess maybe you can actually call them cousins, I dont know.  Every holiday we spend with them now for the past two years or so and i could not be more thankful.  They are the most amazing people and I love going there, spending time with them and getting together for amazing food and company.  We actually went to their house for Hurricane Sandy and "evacuated" our house (this can be a whole other post).  We were nervous that grandpa was not going to make it home from the hospital because he was there due to pneumonia (not good at all, he was there a couple of days).  He was able to come home midday on Christmas, just in time for dinner.  It was literally amazing and made the day a whole lot better.

Okay, well, I think I will go now and finish watching Desperate Housewives, I am so addicted to this show.  I started watching on Netflix and I could not love it more.  I dont think some things here will even make sense because I keep pausing to watch.  Hahahahaahhahahaha.

I am very excited to be writing here again and I cant wait to post more regularly.  Send me a tweet if you read this and leave some comments!


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