Waiting for sources, AP style love, and NJ Festival of the Sea!


I don't know why sources feel like they need to wait until literally the last second to get things back to you.  Maybe it's just their nature but I hate when they have no regard to anyone else.  Granted, I know that everyone is almost always busy, but it just makes things extremely hard.  I should stop complaining, okay I will.

Today was a good day.  For the past two days I have had the worst migraines.  When I get them, I get them good because my dad has had them all of his life.  What a great thing to inherit.  I literally came home from school and went right to bed both nights.  I watched a little bit of television here and there, but I could barely keep my head up.  I hate this feeling.  I often tend to get these headaches and migraines from allergies around this time so I was lucky that it only lasted two days this time.

I wish there were more blogs about print journalism majors.  I want to follow some so if anyone knows of any, please let me know.  I love hearing if other people have the same problems or same triumphs as me while im in school.  Newswriting was great the other night, I love the professor.  I guess its just because I love AP Style an writing/reporting so much that I think she is so interesting but it's just captivating.  I could probably edit things all day long even though I love writing over anything.

My two-week vacation has been phenomenal.  I am so happy that I did not have to go into that place for two weeks, literally amazing.  I even waited two weeks to get my paychecks to avoid going in there.  Does that tell you how much I hate it?  lol!  I cannot wait to get on with my life and leave that place for good.  I have had enough.

Anyway!  Something I wanted to do while I was on vacation was go to the beach for enjoyment.  During the summer, I work at a beach and thats the job that I love doing.  I never get a chance to go for enjoyment and I wanted to while I was on vacation from work but I never did.  Tomorrow is the last day of vacation and there are like three things that I want to do and one thing that I have to do: go to the beach, go to the seafood festival, go to the mall and then I have to food shop.

The seafood festival is amazing, it happens every year.  The event is so great because its like locals summer celebration.  There are some bennies that come down from North Jersey but there aren't like an overwhelming amount of foreign people if you know what im saying.  Although I said its the locals summer, its basically the welcome of fall.  The party takes place on Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant and all vendors come up and set up their booths. Each vendor sells something whether its food, small knick-knacks, holiday themed things.  There is literally everything you can think of:  Halloween decorations, candles, amazing kettle corn (that I will NOT be eating this year due to a diet), and so many more things.  The moral and spirit of the season is just always in the air all day long and the weather is usually beautiful so its just so fun.  The best part?  Its like two seconds from my house so I can ride my bike there.  There are so many events for kids like face painting, sand art, pony rides, an the VFW has a huge food area and theres a wine garden as well.  The celebration is my favorite, so much fun.

Find out more about the festival here.

I'll let you go for now.  What are you doing tomorrow?  I hope I get to the festival and to the mall, I want to take advantage of some sales.  Tweet me your plans for the weekend.

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