The Farmers Almanac, and dealing with drama.

Check out this Instagram photo that I took today :).
Today was a great day, except for the fact that I woke up extremely freezing cold!  I honestly cannot believe that it has been so chilly lately.  The summer was so hot, so I think the winter is going to be chillingly cold.  I haven't gotten my hands on a farmers almanac recently which is what I normally like to do, but I just have this hunch.  

Being that I live in New Jersey, I can truly say that we have all of the seasons tried and true.  I mean there are some places that just don't get each season in all of its form.  This year so far (which is almost over, OMG!), we have had an extremely mild winter from Jan-March/April.  From May-August, the weather was BEYOND hazy, hot and humid.  Now, as September approaches, the mornings and nights are getting chillier, the days are topping out at a brisk 75 degrees and fall is most definitely in the air.  

Thinking about the winter coming makes me sick though.  I really hate the cold which is kind of ironic because I was born in January.  I don't think the time you were born really has anything to do with that but the stigma always comes up in conversation.  The only thing I like about the cold weather is the fashion that comes with fall and winter, it's my absolute favorite.  NYFW just passed and I was just dying at what was coming out of the runways from almost every single designer for SS 13.  While this is true, I still can't wait to start wearing my riding boots.

I had work, it was my first day back after being on vacation for two weeks.  I cannot say that I was thrilled but people missed me!  I can't believe I walked in there and people were excited to see me, it was a really nice feeling.  I don't really know if I can take these people seriously or not because theres always so much drama at my work place and I really hate it.  It was just nice to see that some people were happy that I was back, take that as you wish.

Dealing with drama in the work place, or anywhere even, can be really hard.  I have a huge trust issue with almost every single person that I know.  There have been so many things going on in my life that I really don't know who to trust.  When it comes to getting older and knowing that you'll have to deal with drama in your life, just be strong and don't let anyone compromise who you are to be someone that you really aren't.  There is even going to be drama when you get older and you grow into your full time career.  Drama never really escapes you, even when you want to take on your own professional persona.

Aside from making sure that you remain true to yourself, there are a couple more things that you should probably do.  Before I started working where I do now, I never was the person who wanted to be involved with people who start drama and act like they know everything and nothing at the same time.  I hated those people, really despised them.  Honestly can you tell me that you act that stupid and pretend to be someone you are not all the time?  It just isnt worth it and its tiring of all things.

When I started working at my current location, I guess you could say I became "popular" because everyone knew who I was, I worked in a central location and a lot of things went through me and the people who I work with.  I still to this date feel forced into a lot of drama even though I am so passive and keep myself out of it at all times.  This is an example of how you get in the middle of it sometimes, but you just have to tell yourself its not worth it.  I am not going to lie, there have even been stupid rumors spread about me, but I know they aren't true, and that's all that matters.  The people that care about you and yourself, are the only ones that matter.  That's what I kept telling myself, and thats why I am so positive.

The day was short, and I came home, went for a run, and here I am watching, yep you guessed it, more 24.  As if I didn't say it enough, please watch the show if you never have.  We just started the third season and it is great.  The writing of the show is phenomenal and I don't want to go into it again, but you get the point!  Haha.  I just posted a facebook status saying, "If watching 24 was a job, I'd be a bajillionaire."

Okay, well this has been quite the lengthy post but I hope you guys were able to take that I had to say and turn it into something that makes sense to you.  Do you guys have problems with drama in the work place?  Anywhere else?  Send me a tweet and let me know, or leave comments below.  You can even do both :).

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