Sizing up the competition, first impressions of professors, and books for college.

I am such a child.  Why?  Well wonder no more, my breakfast in this picture describes it all.

I LOVE this stuff.  Yes, I know I am 22 years old but these Go Go Squeeze Applesauce pouches they are amazing.  I heard they come in all different flavors but I just purchased these from Costco and you know what happens when you buy things from Costco… Everything is ginormous. 

Here we are again in yet another classroom, different from the previous, waiting for the teacher to show up.  I can’t really understand why on the first day of class meeting, the teachers don’t come early, sometimes they’re even late.  I know that even if I was teaching fifth grade I would probably be there at least a little bit earlier to make sure that all “beginning of the semester affairs” were in order.  Just as I type this, shes walking in the door.  The class is Editorial Writing, the teacher seems very serious.

I am back!  The class was great.  You know, there is something to be said about how a class will be when you see the teacher walk into the room.  I tend to judge the teacher fairly quickly because I get scared and want to kind of size them up.  The first thing I look at of them is what they are wearing.  Let’s be honest here, you can tell what kind of a person they are and how they will be, just by looking at their outfit.  For instance, she came in wearing this business suit that was blue.  This says to me that she is serious, professional.  This is of course great, but very nerve racking.

Next, I tend to look at their hair/whether they have glasses or not.  Does anyone else do this or am I a total whacko?  Well, please don’t answer that.  She had very short hair, almost a crew cut., eeeeeek.  I don’t really know what to say about that but its whatever.  Sometimes if teachers have their hair in something like a French twist or a bun, I get nervous.  The hair this teacher was sporting, I really wasn’t too worried about.  If the teacher has glasses, it sometimes gets me a little bit more worried, this one did.

After she set her things down on the desk, I instantly became less nervous for some reason.  She addressed the class and was very soft spoken.  I was surprised because for some reason, this took me off guard.  Before I came into the classroom I had checked eCampus (an online learning extension from the classroom), to see if she had posted a syllabus, and she did.  From that, I figured her out to be a little bit taller than she was in real life, very bubbly and not so serious.  Boy, I was wrong.

Overall, shes a very nice woman.  Her first name is one that’s in my family for someone whom I adore so much therefore she had a lot to live up to.  She was so short and quiet.  She started the class by asking us what we though Editorial Writing was and how we see it every single day.   Brb, another class.

Conveys message (medium)
Lots of people (mass medium)

The above to lines were things that he told us to write down.  I don’t know why because if you don’t know that a medium conveys a message and a mass medium conveys a message to a lot of people, then you have an issue.  Sorry im not sorry.  The class was great, this guy is an awesome teacher.

I am now sitting here in Barnes and Noble (Starbucks near by, yes!) and writing a little bit.  I do have some homework to do but I haven’t gotten the books yet, they are being ordered and delivered by latest Friday.  How do you guys deal with homework in the first week and not having books yet?  I would love to know.  Honestly, this is the first time that books are mandatory in my first week of school, normally they aren’t.  This is my last semester in college and I have never had that instance come about.  Oh well, you learn something new every single day. 

Ill be sitting here for a while because I don’t have another class until 725.  I'll just eat my nectarine.  This is really annoying because my last class ended at 1245.  Thursdays are going to be rough for the rest of the semester but im graduating when its over and that’s all that matters.  I’m watching some YouTube videos but I wish I could take a nap, that’s not happening.

What are your thoughts about sizing up the competition, first impressions of professors and buying textbooks for college?  Are any of you in your last semester of college like I am?  Send me a tweet, here, and let me know!

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