Nutella, candles, and saving up.

Nutella.  NUTELLA!  I don’t know how I lasted this long in life without it.  Nutella is a very dangerous thing, but its amazing.  I was shopping about 2-3 weeks ago with my dad in Stop and Shop and saw it on the shelf.  It was so trendy so I never really wanted to try it (how hipstery of me), but boy was I mistaken.  Sense then, I purchase like two more containers of it and I, as well as my family, love it.  Needless to say, as soon as this last one is gone, we will not be buying it again until Thanksgiving or something.

Happy weekend everyone!  I am on vacation from work so I was off this whole day and the whole week.  Another thing I have neglected to say is that I took the two vacations that I get from my job, back to back this year.  I have two weeks in a row!  Seriously, this is the best feeling in the entire world because there is nothing better than two weeks, work free.  All day, my plan was to go shopping and that is what I did.  I heard that Macy’s was having a huge sale but I went and didn’t find anything amazing, only $58 Chanel Foundation that works amazing on my skin and I didn’t purchase it because, well, it was $58. 

After I was done in Macy’s, I went into the rest of the mall and found myself in Bath and Body Works looking at the candles.  This is normally what happens.  I love the candles there and they are on sale almost all the time.  Either the three-wick candles are 2/$20 or the smaller ones with only one wick are 2/$10.  Last week, I picked up three candles actually because I had a coupon for $10 off your purchase of $30 or more.  I got three candles that would have originally been $60, for only $20.  Enough math.

After that, I went to a couple more stores and I didn’t get anything.  I’m actually okay with this because I really should be saving more money than I am spending.  Granted, I do need clothes because of all the weight that I have lost.  I will have to take a break on the spending though because I really want to make a dream come true that I have been dreaming about for a long time.  I want to move to LA.  This dream has become a closer reality when I just recently started talking to an old friend that I have known for a while but moved away some years ago.  She had said that she is moving to California in May when she graduates and I told her that I would come with her.  Needless to say, I cant wait to make this dream more of a reality.

Im watching some 24 right now with my dad so I think im going to let you go.  I love this show, its my all time favorite.  Have you guys ever heard of 24, and do you like Bath and Body Works candles (My favorite of all time is Eucalyptus Mint)?

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