First Class Meetings and Doing Things Yourself..

I spend so much of my time waiting for the internet to come to my computer here.  I don’t know why I do, because personally I think that I pay so much to come to this school that I should be able to open my laptop and the internet should be screaming at me in the face.  I mean, I don’t know how aggressive I really want to be with this anger but nonetheless, its still there.

Other than that annoyance, the day is going pretty well I think.  I mean, my day practically just started because I have a class at 10 and I am in the classroom right now at 930.  I like being early for some reason because it gives me that sense of, “Oh, I am doing something right.”  Do you ever feel like you need that validation?

I don’t know, sometimes I do.  Cough, all the time, cough.  You know what the weird thing about it is though, I never ask for validation of any one else, just myself.  I think that’s the cool part of my personality.  I hate when people are constantly asking for validation from every single person they know.  I mean, I know that its some sort of insecurity, but it really can get brutal constantly hearing it. 

Once in a while its okay to question yourself or someone else about the direction that you’re taking or a task that you are trying to accomplish but there is no need to depend on every single person in your life for answers to your quite simple questions.  I don’t know, but if you take a look at the things that are around you and you take a deep breath, you might find your own answers without having people you know, answer them for you.  The best part about doing that?  The feeling.  The feeling that you get from accomplishing something yourself is phenomenal, especially when you do something that you never thought you could; on your own!

Sidebar:  I was starting to get nervous because people weren’t coming into the classroom at its almost 945, but just as I was checking to see if the internet was up yet (-______-), someone walked in.  I have yet to say anything to her.  Why are all first class meetings so awkward?  They really never have to be.

Anyway!  I got a sense of accomplishment when I replaced my own printer ink the other day.  I don’t know, there was just something about it that I was scared of for some reason.  I took it upon myself to just try and do it without asking my father for the assistance that I knew he would provide for me.  I also knew that if I asked him for help with it, he would just do it for me and I would never learn.  This always happens.  This may sound like something so simple (changing printer ink), but its something that I was legitimately scared of doing, and its something that I ended up accomplishing on my own.  The answers to the questions, in this case, were on the instructions manual and also with my dad, but I chose the instructions manual and I accomplished it myself.  You can bet your bottom dollar that I tweeted about it.

I will have you know that the internet still isn’t up. 

Here is your assignment:  try something new.  Try something without the help of someone else.  Maybe have it be something that you are afraid of doing.  When you accomplish them, post them in the comments section!
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