Candles galore, finally found boots and a stand for my iPad!

So my day was great.  Yesterday I was anticipating an amazing day and I have to say that it was pretty good.  I didn't get a chance to get to the Seafood Festival but thats because I was too busy shopping, so that makes me happy.  I went to the Bath and Body Works thats near my house because I wanted to keep myself away from the mall, but I ended up there anyway.  I did have something that I wanted to return to Forever 21.  Here is a picture of what my hair currently looks like (random, but I look like Alf Alfa, too funny not to share).

I got amazing candles that I was so excited about.  I don't know if I have mentioned them yet but there are only two candles that I really love.  The Eucalyptus Mint scent is my number one, all time favorite.  I don't really know how to describe it but I first purchased it when I was in B&BW picking up soaps one day.  I was looking for something that would alleviate stress and the sticker on the candle of the Eucalyptus Mint said that it would.  I purchased the candle because I liked the way that it smelled and it said that it would help stress and it ended up being absolutely amazing and became my all time favorite.

The other scent that I picked up was Autumn.  This is my favorite one of the moment.  Normally around this time the candles that come out are all the same.  I don't know, they all just smell like cinnamon or pumpkin and I don't love either.  I also don't want my room/house smelling like sweet things or pumpkins.  Am I the only one that feels this way?      I love something that reminds me that its fall, but isn't over powering.  This candle Autumn is great.  According to the Bath and Body Works website the scent is "autumnal scents of dark pomegranate, sweet red apple and woodsy fir balsam."  It may sound so simple, but the candle is something that I have never smelled before.

The best part about buying the candles?  A little surprise was that they were 2/$20!  I know that I mentioned it before, but this is my favorite sale.  I love the candles from B&BW so much so when they're on sale, thats the best part.  I started off with two candles (2/$20), every candle after that is $10 so I got another one which made my total $30.  I had a coupon from last time I was in so I got $10 off my purchase of $30 and only paid $20 all together.  Not only this, but they were running a promotion that said make a home fragrance purchase, and you get a free mini candle (normally $10), so I got another candle!  I ended up getting four candles all for about $22 after tax.

After Bath and Body Works, I headed to Old Navy.  I really didn't have an intention of buying anything in there because lately I haven't found anything like.  It's weird, but I was walking by because I wanted to go into Marshalls so I decided to stop into Old Navy.  I found these adorable boots!  I literally died and went to heaven because I have been looking for boots for the fall time sense the end of August when you're supposed to start seeing them and I haven't been able to find ANY!  The picture explains them in their entirety but they are a light tan that matches with literally everything.  I was going to get the darker brown ones but I figured that If I wanted to wear them with black leggings, this color would look better.  Last year when I was looking for boots, a lot of them in my size wouldn't fit over calves but sense I have lost the weight, they fit much better.  These are adorable and have little buckle detailing on the size and a small zipper on the inside.  The best thing?  They were on sale for $3o, originally $39.94.

The only other thing that I got was a stand for my iPad, it was only $5 that I got from Five Below (couldn't find it online).

Did you guys make any purchases today?  Tweet me a picture or let me know!

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