Beautiful days, waiting forever, and Mango Tea.

It truly feels like its been years or something sense I have been off on a Sunday but its probably been about a year.  Throughout the summer, I work at the beach and the only time I would be off on a Sunday would be if it rains; needless to say, it never rains.  Enough of my sorrow.  I was only saying all of this because I am so happy and lucky to be off on such a beautiful day.  I don’t remember if I mentioned this in another one of my posts previously but I have two weeks of vacation per year and I am taking them back-to-back this year.  That=best decision I have ever made in my entire life.

The weather is phenomenal today, about 77 degrees but it feels colder.  I am the biggest summer girl that you will ever know but this year it’s a little bit different.  For the last half of July and the whole month of August I have been itching for summer to be over. 

Sense this is my last semester of my undergraduate degree, I want nothing more than to graduate and get a job.  I have always known, for my entire life, that I have wanted to be a journalist.  I love writing, reading, and news and always have.  Because of my passion for so long, the fact that I am so incredibly close makes me go absolutely insane that I cant get a job yet.  All I need to do is go to school for three and a half more months and then ill have that job, and I know that, but its just driving me insane.  Have you ever had any feeling like this?  They are honestly the worst in the entire world.

The reason this really is terrible is because these feelings consume my thoughts.  Whenever feelings that you cant do anything about consume your thoughts, its never easy to make them leave.  All you can do in this instance is just hang on.  In my instance especially, I have to tell myself that I only have three and a half months left and I have to be my absolute best during those months.  There is no question that ill be my absolute best because that’s always what I strive for, but reminding myself that I need to stay calm because im only three and a half months away, that’s what’s going to be the problem.

ANYWAY!  I didn’t mean to get so deep on you all there.  While I was on my run today, I smelled so many different things.  Usually when I am running I just smell barebecues because it has been the longest summer of my life.  Now, today while I was running I smelled barbecues (because its “locals summer” which means all the bennies are gone and we can finally enjoy summer), cinnamon and fall like things, cider and a whole bunch of different stuff.  I came home and went food shopping with my dad after my run, and picked up some things including my number, probably, two favorite tea: Mango Green Tea.

I seriously love this tea, its by Turkey Hill.  The best part about it is that its diet and there are no calories so you can drink any amount of it that you want.  Sometimes it can be dangerous but it really doesn’t matter because its delicious and not bad for you.  If I could talk about the tea for days, I really would hahah.

What are your thoughts about having to wait forever for something?  What is your favorite tea?  If you don’t like tea, whats your favorite beverage?  Let  me know the answer to these questions in the comments below or on my Twitter.  You can even do both!  The weekend is over, so bring on another week!  Have a good one everyone J.

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